What is Drug addiction?

To explain Drug addiction i must first explain what addiction means. My definition of addiction is feeling the need to have or use something that psychically or mentally distracts you from everything until you obtain what you desire. So bascially drug addiction is letting drugs control your life so that you cant control what you do until you obtain the drugs.



heres a small paper i wrote about the painting knighhawks.

Night Hawks is a very special piece of art work that has a very important meaning to me. It takes a very sophisticated person to understand the meaning of this fine piece of art due to the way it transitions your mind to appreciate what it has to offer. When I look at this piece I can relate to the mood that it sets such as the way the married couple are enjoying their night out over a small dinner and a glass of wine while they discuss the joys of life and how the night couldn’t get any better.  Also how the gentlemen came to enjoy a cold brew and an expensive but tasteful cigar by himself to help him relax after a long, stressful day of work.

            I created this piece because I wanted people to understand how I spend some of my most enjoyable moments. I know how to relax whether it’s with a lovely young lady or just by myself thinking on the many things life has to offer as long as you apply yourself. This gentlemen is clearly successful man which shows because he is in an expensive suit and hat spending his hard earned money on an enjoyable night out.

            I hope this piece inspires people to understand how to enjoy the simple things because to me that’s what life is all about. If you know how to make the best out of every moment of everyday life will be so much more enjoyable and you can learn how to stay positive with your thoughts and actions. For my next art piece I am going to try and elaborate this with a bigger example of being simple but a sophisticated type of mindset. 






Fighting Procrastination

Procrastination is by far one of the worst things ever. Every one does it and i would say its a natural born disease. Some people suffer with it worse than others but yet it still takes a huge effect on peoples everyday life. It seems that i procrastinate more than anyone i know especially when it comes to writing papers and doing homework. The best way to stop procrastinating is to be organized with your work so you know what you have to do and when its due. Once you due face reality and complete a task and learn to stop procrastinating you will feel way better about your self and it will boost your self esteem tremendously! I am working on my procrastination habbits so that i can succeed faster and better than i would procrastinating. So fight procrastination and dont let it overtake you.

2nd annoted bib

“info facts: office and youth trends.” Natinal Institute on Drug Abuse. N.p., Mar 2011. Web. 20 Mar 2012. <http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/infofacts/high-school-youth-trends&gt;.

(“Natinal Institute on Drug Abuse”)This website contains helpful information dealing with statistics on drug abuse in todays society.  I am mainly focusing on the teen age statistics that it has to offer, although it provides statistics for everything including emergency hospital treatments and national usage of drugs. They have been doing surveys since 1975 and generally ask up to three questions such as yearly use, life time use and also monthly use of drugs. They survey 8th through 12th grade teenagers throughout the states and is funded by the university of Michigan’s institute for social research. It has proof that daily marijuana use has increased to its highest point in teenagers since the early 1980’s and nearly 6.1% of  8th 10th and 12th graders use it annually. This website gives great examples of graphs and has subtitles that clearly explain the information.




1st annoted bib


How is society affected by the abuse of both prescription drugs and illegal substances?

Grohsman, B. “Drug Addiction and Society.” Drug Treatment Centers, Alcohol Rehab Programs and Drug Rehabilitation Centers. N.p., 23 may 2011. Web. 20 Mar 2012. <http://www.treatment-centers.net/drug-addiction-and-society.html&gt;.

This first source does an excellent job on explaining drug addiction and society and why drug abuse is so devastating. Basically drug addiction takes a huge role in devastating people, families, communities and just every day society. The abuse of drugs does not just take part in the poor anymore but in all different types of families that’s impacting all ages of peoples. It has become such a big problem that society cannot just ignore the problem anymore. This website states that nearly 20 percent of Americans use prescription drugs for non-medical purposes and benzodiazepines and pain killers are the two most popular types of prescription drugs that are seen in Emergency rooms. Unfortunately when we throw these prescription addictions in with all the other illegal addiction such as meth, cocaine and heroin, the real total effect on addiction starts to glow into societies eyes. Overall this website gives great information and explains key words about illegal substances and prescription drugs in the society and tells helpful hints about teenagers and there experiences with such addictions. This resource is very reliable and credible and has great background information. This will great in my research topic because it clearly explains everything that I think people should know about drug addiction.

Research proposal

REASEARCH QUESTION: How is society affected by the abuse of both prescription drugs and illegal substances?

The abuse of prescription drugs and illegal substances affect society in many ways. In the county that I am from it is definitely a major problem due to a low income and high stress rates, and this is why I chose to write about this issue. Although people may have medical reasons for consuming these drugs, they are often abused. These kinds of people will do anything to obtain such drugs because it is an easy escape from reality. The community is greatly affected by those people that abuse drugs. Most criminal activities that occur in the community result from drug abuse. Prescription and illegal drugs also carry a high factor with Suicide rates because drugs sometimes have reverse side effects on people and make them feel down. I personally know that marijuana is a problem in my county and it is popular for a lot of teenagers and some adults. This topic personally interests me because in my community there are so many people that I encounter daily that are involved in either prescription drugs or illegal drugs. It often tends to be people who are close and dear to me and it really disturbs me and I would like to help them. By making this my topic I feel like it will give me a better insight on why people do prescription or illegal drugs and help me find ways that I could possible use to help them.  It seems that every year there are more and more people who is abusing prescription drugs throughout all ages, which personally I think is worse than marijuana. I think that in order for me to obtain more information on this research topic I could research the internet and find surveys. Also, I can schedule a few interviews with people that work in the hospitals. Also, I could try and get interview workers at the local jails and prisons in and around my community. I know its sad to say but I could probably interview some of friends and family if they agreed to it and try to see why they do what they do. I would like to find specific statistics of people on prescription drugs and if so how many of these people have been in trouble for such drugs and or have been admitted into the hospital from possible overdoses or unfortunately fatality. I know that if I could get the statistics from the jail about how many arrest are made dealing with transactions involving marijuana, this would be of some great use to add quality information into my research paper and I think this is the best research project for me to conduct due to much needed helpful and useful information. I personally don’t take pain medication I just suffer it out so I definitely don’t take prescription drugs unless is needed or an antibiotic. I despise marijuana and would never smoke it.